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Chained Institutions
Sunshine Jiayuan Taizi Home Care Center
Sunshine Jiayuan Taizi Home Care Center
Sunshine Jiayuan Taizi Home Care Center (Taizi Town Senior service Center) is located in Taizi Town, Zouping City which is appraised as the Yellow River Charm Town, Outstanding Tourism Town in Shangdong Province, and approaches a vast area of ecological forest on Yellow River shoal.
Taizi Town government has invested 15 million yuan into constructing this welfare institution, and entrusted Sunshine Jiayun Group to operate and manage. This project covers a floor space of 30000 square meters and a floorage of 6400 square meters, possesses 160beds, officially operates since 2017 and the first welfare organization with the theme of Yellow River culture in Shandong Province.


You can contact us at
ADD.: Huanghe Third Road, Taizi Town, Zouping City, Shandong Province
TEL: 0543-4691890
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